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Fjallabaksleið S

Fjallabaksleið N


Golden Circle


Luxury automobiles, pickup service and professional drivers for guided tours beyond the impassable.

VIP Tours

Various selection of services and accommodations in, and around, the city of Reykjavík, Iceland.


In partnership with restaurants, we are providing our customers with special offers for groups of people.


Professional drivers and modified vehicles that combine for a unique experience for tourists.

Go beyond the impassable

With our pick-up service and luxury vehicles the experience just feels more comfortable.

Travel around in comfort

We provide the luxury experience you deserve!

Do you want to partner with Scenic Travel Service?

Do you represent a restaurant and you want to partner with us to bring groups of people?

Have you setup a nice guesthouse and would like to partner with us to help manage your bookings?

Are you able to offer unique experiences for tourists and want us to bring business your way?

We offer a range of quality accommodations - houses, guesthouses, hostels and hotels.

Many options for accommodations

We partner with a select few restaurants for our customers to get a group offer for heavenly food experience. 

Good and healthy food

Enjoy a Wonderful Day with Scenic Travel Service

Everything from sauna to thrilling adventures, our caring staff will work with you and help to provide an unforgettable travel experience in Iceland.

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